Getting up from being down

One night as I was in bed random thoughts were racing through my brain but a phrase came to me. “Getting up from being down.” I really liked that phrase I just had to get of bed and write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. As I thought about it it all came bubbling out. Since October 13, 2020 that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. That day I was busy because it was Wednesday and that meant date night. Date night is very important to Bob and I. It’s the one day per week that we do nothing but sit and chat with each other. We have a nice dinner maybe a glass of wine but there are no computers no phones no anything, we just sit and listen to some wonderful music and talk. To just be with each other. I was helping Bob do the chores, he needed to put a bale of hay in for the cows and I was just getting the chickens into the coop for the night but all the sudden with a gust of that wind that we had all day and I’m talking a huge gust it took me and the door flying. Everything changed oh I was going to be OK but the pain was intense.While I was being taken by ambulance to a Watertown SD hospital I was given a hefty dose of pain medication and I never want to have that feeling again.The medication they gave to help with the pain also made me hallucinate. I kept seeing gray boxes. Later I was told that I had a broken shoulder and a broken hip all on the same side my left and that surgery would be the following day for my hip and the day after that would be my shoulder. I just didn’t know how I was going to handle all that, I prayed, I cried and asked for strength. Two other phrases then came to me and they were “be the lesson”and “plant the seed.” I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but then it became clear that this was a teaching hospital and they had a lot of student nurses coming through and I know that I was one of the patients that they truly did like being around because they were always stopping by my room asking if I needed anything, telling me about their families and telling jokes. Tyler the OT guy even asked me for some words of wisdom on marriage because he had gotten married only 2 weeks before.. I replied “listening to each other, really listening”. Good advice I think even when you’ve been married 20 years, 30 years etc. After both surgeries I started my journey of getting out of that rabbit hole of doom, my journey to healing. I prayed for strength so when PT was asking if I could walk 10 feet I silently said to myself “Lord give me strength”and I would walk then 15ft or more always trying to do a little more. Fast forward nine months I’m still recovering but I’m pretty much doing everything that I did prior to that terrible day. I continue to regain my strength but still it is a challenge with both my leg muscles and my shoulder. When asked how I’m doing my response is usually “doing better every day” which is true I am able to enjoy the early mornings opening up the coop for the chickens and the ducks and listening to the farm wake up. I feel that I AM getting up from being down.



One thought on “Getting up from being down

  1. This was very well written. Lots of meaning! It is great your doing so much better. It is great to have such a good partner. It really makes life very desirable . Keep up the good work.


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