See what I see

Normally I take a picture of a beautiful sunrise and I post it but today I just want you to imagine my farm mornings without a picture.

I step outside it’s about 50° and it’s so very quiet and the sun has risen just enough to show itself as a beautiful backdrop to the cornfield in the east. The colors glow with brilliant orange and yellows.

The grass is wet from dew and a rabbit makes a mad dash across the wet grass leaving a trail. In the quiet I hear the low bae from a cow to her calf as he tries to grab some breakfast from mom. I fill the water containers for both the ducks and the chickens and I open the door to the coop and suddenly the air is filled with sound. The ducks are quacking and chickens are flying off their roost trying to get to the water first. I start to make my way back to the house and take one more look at the sun before going in. The sun is completely up now and shining so beautifully. It’s going to be a great day. I talk to God in a silent prayer thanking him for waking me up this morning and for giving me a restful sleep last night. I also ask him for strength and courage to get me through the day and protect those in harms way. This is my prayer every morning. This is my church.

2 thoughts on “See what I see

  1. Sounds wonderful! I’m so happy you have surrounded yourself with sights, sounds, textures and scents that bring you peace and joy. You have worked hard and sacrificed much, so you absolutely deserve this. I know you won’t take it for granted. I love you!


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