Sunday views

Today is Sunday and I’m at the dining room table in a lazy daze frame of mind. I am watching the birds attack the suet block I have out for them and as one eats one waits for an opportunity to grab some goodies. Evidently not a lot of sharing goes on.

The landscape is covered in snow and because of a lot less wind today the squirrels are back out running from tree to tree. The house is quiet except for some jazz in the background as Bob is busy in the tractor opening up the driveway due to the snow storm that we had over the past couple of days. Coco sleeps on the back of the couch in the sun and I giggle because every so often she rotates. The only thing missing right now is the smell of cookies or something yummy and sweet coming from the oven but I’m a frustrated baker so I don’t bake much. So as I sit and sip my Baileys and cream coffee instead I measure out in my head the size of the garden and plants I’m wanting this year. I decided a bee garden upfront along with herbs and a small veggie garden for tomatoes an other veggie favorites.

A little later I’ll be bundling up and venturing out to the barn to close the doors to the chicken coop, collect eggs and if the ducks are out in the barn corral them to their coop. Since we added ducks to the farm the barn has never been the same. That is one noisy place. It’s like having eight small children laughing all at the same time, all the time. The cows do what ever cows do .They eat the hay, chew the cud, drink the water and make an incredible amount of fertilizer. That’s their winter mode.

So as I end this first real post I just want to add that a friend, a neighbor or a family member might be going through something very difficult right now and can’t in their heart reach out to talk to someone. Maybe this week we could reach in to someone’s life and make their day just a little bit brighter. Let them know that we really care. Have a great week!

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